Digital Cafe Studio Tour with Mike Koenigs - How to Put Seven Sets in a Small Space!


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Join Mike Koenigs as he guides you through a tour of Digital Cafe Studios in San Diego and shows off multiple sets in a small space.

You'll see the following sets:

- A "living room" set
- An "Urban" set
- A business set
- Chromakey
- Library
- 50's Diner - the "Digital Cafe"
- A "CNN" / "ESPN" Television Set modeled after Bill Maher's set on HBO

and you can walk through Mike's personal office that includes a 70" monitor for branding and presentations.

He'll discuss many of the resources inside the studio, makeup, lighting, audio, interview strategies, sales with video and a few "never do" things everyone needs to know to produce high-quality content.

Some of the equipment used in the studio include:

- Custom-built sets
- Remote-controlled Panasonic cameras
- LED Lights
- 60" and 70" Vizio Monitors

And much more.

Learn more about Mike at or his business web sites:
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