Internet Marketing on Steroids with Mike Koenigs and Frank Kern series 1


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Okay, youve seen videos online, and are often wondering how you can distribute your own online videos. Online video distribution is easy, there are many different websites that allow you to use their software in order to upload your videos. Its not difficult, and many of them are very user friendly.

While its always fun to upload videos of family and friends, special happenings, or other types of personal videos, its also a great way to market your business. Youve all seen the pages, a business that has a video on how to, or just a bit of talking about their business itself. Many people enjoy using videos to learn about things rather than reading about it. Also, as a business video, you get a chance to wow your audience with your personality.

Its important that your business video be as professional as you can make it. Make sure that the sound system is not echoing off of walls or that you dont sound like youre in a well. Also, use the best video equipment that you can, after all, its your business face youre putting in this video. Everyone has seen videos that are scratchy looking, have a bad sound, or are not clear. You dont want to put your business face into an amateur looking video after all, this is not a home movie.
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