Michael Gerber: World Renowned Author: The E-Myth Revisited


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Every revolution has a leader...to awaken the spirit, to champion the cause, to lead the charge! Business visionary, entrepreneur, best-selling author and Chairman of E-Myth Worldwide, Michael Gerber has been leading a Small Business Revolution before anyone knew there was one! He called it The E-Myth Revolution, and over the past two decades, he has indelibly touched hundreds of thousands of small business owners throughout the world with his brilliantly insightful, original E-Myth message.
Undoubtedly, Michael Gerber's eclectic background and interests have played an integral part in formulating the innovative consulting services E-Myth Worldwide provides. His artistic ability as a musician and poet, together with a keen interest in philosophy, spirituality and personal growth have been underlying forces throughout his life and teachings.
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